The Beerman always gets the last word here. If you would like the last word, get your own site. The Beerman's opinions are his own and they are not necessarily the opinions of the staff or ownership of Lakeffect.net, but they should be.

I AM HOT from Yahoo says: Subject: What a beer war?

Message: You're just a little ***** want-to-be beerman. But you are not ****. Here me boy?-! You know nothing of beer related issues so stop posing and leave with what little dignity you may still possess.

The Beerman Sez: Who pissed in your cornflakes?

The Beerman isn't going anywhere. Deal with it Junior. Or if you don't like it put me on ignore.

BTW, You don't have to *** out profanity in an email, it should be "hear" not "here" and what does "What a beer war" mean? Also no man calls himself hot, no man at all. It's JPR (Just Plain wRong).

Jasper from Wussylvania says: Is It Safe To Mix Beer with Other Beer...? Can I Mix Bud Light with Steel Reserve?.. I`m pretty sure its cool, but I just wanna be Safe wit it?

The Beerman Sez: The Beerman sees a beer question but you mention no beer; what gives? Steel Reserve is rat pee. Actually The Beerman owes rat pee an apology there. Bud Light is mass-produced swill for air-headed Barbies and girly-men. And what's with the "wit" crap? Learn real English if you want to be employable in the Western Hemisphere.

"Bestbuy" from Yahoo says: Cans or Bottled? What is your reason?

The Beerman Sez: If you're drinking straight from the container then bottles are superior but if you're pouring it into a glass then cans may be better because they protect the beer from light completely and there is less or no air to harm the beer. Cans are also more collectible and they cool faster. However many micros and imports only come in bottles. So the better beers are often unavailable in cans.

Shannon from Ohio Says: Do you know where I can find calorie and carb information?

The Beerman Sez: Great idea. Here's a link to a site that will have any info available: Beermansez.com. The Beerman is happy to serve his public.

Zachary M Says: review Shiner Bock Please

The Beerman Sez: Thanks for the excuse to have to pick up Shiner beers; probably a couple different sixers for bowling Thursday night. -- Um, Karen Honey, if you're reading this the Beerman has to drink a bunch of Shiners to please the public. (Mrs Beerman rolled her eyes when she saw this. But she'll have one or two and like them.)

Brad R Says: This looks great... Where's Stroh's and Rolling Rock, Labatt's Blue???

The Beerman Sez: The Beerman aims to please. They are now included.

George C Says: Is there a light you like? If not tell me your highest rated.

The Beerman Sez: "Light Beer" is an oxymoron in most cases. But IC Light isn't that bad. There is a list of calories, alcohol, and carbs at Beer100.com. Also many of the wheat beers are almost as low in calories as lights and so is Guinness Draught (not the Stout).

Mrs-to-be Beerman Says: What do you intend to serve guests at our upcoming wedding?

The Beerman Sez: Let them drink Yuengling

Teddy from Mass Says: What did you have for St Paddy's Day?

The Beerman Sez: Diet Mountain Dew. The Beerman does not do amateur nights.

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