Beers That Start With The Letter K

Good Stuff Rating: 7.5 out of 10
Brewery: Alexander Keith
Strength: 5%

Alexander Keith's India Pale Ale

Brewed at North America's oldest brewery since 1820. Some beer snobs will say that this isn't a true IPA. The Beerman says that's okay; it's still a great tasting ale with a subtle malty flavour (It's Canadian so the Beerman uses Candian spellings, eh?) and a crisp hoppy finish that leaves you thirsty for more. Their advertising says, "Those who like it, like it a lot." They don't ship it to The States so it has the forbidden fruit factor which makes it taste better; Mikey likes it, a lot.

Is that Jimmy Buffet over there? Rating: 7.5
Brewery: Florida Beer Company
Strength: 4.8%

Key West Sunset Ale

A decent amber ale. It scores about a 7.5 if you're located north of Savannah, Ga. But if you're sitting at whatever Keys Fisheries has their bar named this year, eating crab claws and watching either the sunset or the tarponin the water below it's a 10 out 10. The Beerman Sez: Everyone should go to the keys as often as posible. It gets my January 2014 Beer of the Month.

Best served with: Crab claws and honey mustard
January 2014 Beer of the Month

gag, retch, puke, dry heave Rating: 0.5 out of 10
Brewery: Coors
Strength: 5.9%

Keystone Ice

Are you on your way to Spring Break? The Beerman says you can party til you puke, but the Beerman thinks he'd rather have a good beer.

gag, retch, puke, dry heave Rating: 0.5 out of 10
Brewery: Coors
Strength: 4.2%

Keystone Light

They claim that it's "Always smooth, never bitter." The Beerman says you have to have flavor for a beer to be bitter.

gag, retch, puke, dry heave Rating: 0.5 out of 10
Brewery: Coors
Strength: 4.4%

Keystone Premium

                                         So, when do you graduate?                      

Good beer from Coors Rating: 7.5 out of 10
Brewery: Coors
Strength: 4.9%

George Killian's Irish Red

A nice, rich red lager. Good dark amber color with a thick, rich head. See? The Beerman really doesn't hate Coors.

Nundiska!! Rating: 7 out of 10
Brewery: Anheiser-Busch
Strength: 4.95%

Kirin Ichiban

No, Kirin Ichiban is not the new pitcher for the Red Sox. It's a smooth, malty lager from Japan that is brewed in the Land of La by A-B, under the strict supervision of Kirin's brewmaster. See? The Beerman really doesn't hate A-B either.

Like it was brewed by angels Rating: 8 out of 10
Brewery: Big Rock
Strength: 5%


Another great beer from a great brewery. This is a single-malt lager made with glacial water. The Beerman says that H2O is H2O wherever it comes from, so it must be their other premium ingedients that make this beer crisp and refreshing.

ack oop Rating: 2 out of 10
Brewery: Kona
Strength: 5.5%
Calories: 165

Kona Koko Brown Ale

The Beerman doesn't like to give bad ratings to small breweries and it has a great label but the beer tastes like someone burnt a thatched roofed outhouse and bottled it.

The Beerman Sez Pour the beer out and eat the label.

Santa's evil twin rules Rating: 7.75 out of 10
Brewery: Southern Tier
Strength: 9%
Style: Imperial Helles


Southern Tier's site says, "St. Nicholas, aka Santa Claus, is a magical figure, the bringer of gifts and an icon of holiday spirit. Forgotten by most is his evil side kick and enforcer of ‘the list’. European tradition says while St. Nick is busy delivering presents to good little boys and girls, Krampus hands out punishments to the bad. A fanged, goat-horned bully, the Christmas Devil uses sticks and chains to beat the naughty children (No comment from TB here). Dark malts and aromatic hops create the diabolical spirit of this brew. It is finished with lager yeast and aged cold for no less than 30 days. This Imperial Helles Lager will warm even the darkest hearts." They use2-row pale, debittered black, Munich, and caramel malts. Their keetle hops are chinook and dry hops are willamette.

The Beerman Sez: The first couple sips of this copper-colored lager are fairly bitter but it finishes nicely and it's a good beverage to warm you on a cold winter night. Not The Beerman's absolute favorite winter brew but it's growing on him. It's worth a try for anyone and hop heads will love it.

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