Beers That Start With The Letter I

Could be worse Rating: 2 out of 5
Brewery: Pittsburgh
Strength: 4.15%

IC Light

The Beerman mooched a can from a friend in his Thursday bowling league and was expecting a really bad beer. It wasn't. Yes, it was a watered-down light lager but it actually had a little flavor. If the Beerman had to drink a light beer for some strange reason this would be his choice.

Good Stuff Rating: 9 out of 10
Brewery: Flying Dog
Strength: 5.1%

In-Heat Wheat

Not just another cool label. A thick, smooth wheat ale with just a hint of spiciness. The Beerman says this one is good for you; it's like liquid bread. And they have way-cool recipes on their website.

Spring forward Rating: 8.5: out: of: 10
Brewery:: Ithaca Brewing Company     
Strength: 6%

Ithaca Ground Break

Ithaca's site says: "An Americanized think hoppy Saison, Ground Break is brewed with generous amounts of Amarillo, Crystal and Glacier hops and flaked rye. It's fermented with a blend of Belgian and American yeasts.

Enjoy the very dry and hoppy bite of Ground Break as the first signs of change start breaking up the long cold winter!"

The Beerman Sez: It's very bitter for a Saison style beer but it really works well for spring. It retains some of the bitterness of winter and also has the wheaty summer flavor. It gets my Beer of the Month award for March 2011.

Best served with: Chicken, pork, or fish.
Winner, March 2011 Beer of the Month

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